Welcome to Oxford Shinty Club

Welcome to the Oxford Shinty Club. We were founded in 2013 and play shinty as part of the  English Shinty Association (ESA). We play competitive matches against London and the North in the Eastern Tri-Series and also compete in the annual English Shinty Championships in Bristol. We contribute players to the ESA team playing in the Bullough Cup in Scotland. We also send teams to the St Andrews Shinty Sixes.

If you’re not familar with shinty you can find out more here.

Follow us on twitter to keep up to date with all our news.

And if you’d like to join us please do! You can contact us here, and check out our calendar to see what we’re up to and when and where our matches, meetings and training sessions are.

One thought on “Welcome to Oxford Shinty Club

  1. Garry Crawford January 24, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    Hi guys hope all is well just a wee note to say I’ll be at the st Andrews sixes this year and be good to catch up if you guys are there too.
    I’m not on FB at the moment so been out of the Shinty loop for a while but hope to play for Scots this season.
    All the best.

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